Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to save 280 million?

Editor's Note: Shifang cigarette factory is directly under the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, one of 36 key development, "during the" economic benefit continuous growth. Enterprise has total assets of 2.5 billion, from January to August this year, sales revenue of 1.4 billion, profits of 760 million yuan, profit of 140 million yuan. The company decided to implement the 2000 Accounting computer networking, enterprise information started the journey. The success of financial management information, so that their financial work from tedious "bookkeeping, accounts" in the liberation of the real to the "management."

Application of power come from?
As the tobacco industry a special status in our national economy, the tobacco industry has been operating under the traditional planned economic system. But with the deepening of the market economy, although still in the national plan for tobacco control of the production, you can sell in this industry already facing the market. Sichuan is the largest cigarette consumer markets, the competition between the various brands of cigarettes is very intense. In such an environment, cigarette factory in Shifang been rapid development in recent years still.
However, the development does not mean there is no problem. In the occupation of the market, enterprises need timely access to financial information including various information including. Financial information is the ultimate expression of business results, financial information is to operate sales and service businesses, at different times of financial information through the transmission, enables companies to adjust business strategy tool. If there is no means of information, business market competition on the popular face of constraints. Cigarette factory in Shifang perceived financial management, albeit the original specification, but subject to the information distributed, the data flow is not timely. It is really just a department within the Finance Department's financial accounting management, is an "ex post accounts", there is no effective way to provide decision support business decision-makers, the old manual accounting and management practices were not suited to the development of plant adjustment needs.
Select from the cigarette factory in Shifang in 2000 began the construction of financial information, they have their own unique considerations. From the enterprise, the original manual financial management system standard, coupled with several years of talent pool, can be said to have laid a good foundation. Moreover, the factory also from the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to some financial support for the implementation of this project. Another is from outside the enterprise, information is a trend in the industry have tasted the sweetness of some enterprises. In this context, the business leaders that the financial management information system of internal and external conditions have, do, do a feature on the application.
Can be said that enterprise applications and external demand as the greatest force.

Implementation of changes to the financial management
For the financial management information system, Shifang cigarette factory has set up a corporate bosses picked the first topic group of financial computerization. Financial Computerization discussion group examines a number of products on the market after the cigarette factory in Shifang Kingdee selected the company's K / 3 V8.8.2 industrial version. Network rollout to the products from the research, project after a series of bedding work, in September 2000, the formal implementation of a tobacco factory in Shifang K / 3.
Is a good financial software for financial accounting software, financial software, but also embodies the designer's understanding of financial management. Cigarette factory in Shifang the process of financial management information system, there were many traditional manual mode and advanced management thinking of the computer crash, so that financial officers feel the advanced financial management concepts tremendous impact. Software included for international, with the world of design thinking to corporate financial officers brought great thinking, and to see the cigarette factory in Shifang its gap with the international standards; in the implementation process, other enterprises with advanced management mode and Finance Department management to bring a lot of inspiration. After run-in with the modified cigarette factory in Shifang financial work great changes have taken place, the financial staff from the original accounting, reconciliation and other mechanical work towards more emphasis on financial management.

Performance analysis of the unique
In order to measure the value of IT systems, they are assessed from various angles the impact of IT systems, these rather special. Readers from the table I, II, and amount of funds used to appreciate the comparison chart cigarette factory in Shifang why can achieve financial changes.
Financial management information, saving financial officer registration books, computing balance and summary accounting vouchers, account reconciliation and other account working hours, to directly reduce the workload of nearly 80% of finance staff. Treasurer out so you can save the timing of other tasks. Without increasing labor costs, while increasing the scope of financial personnel, job number, work efficiency, work intensity has declined and the results of the work are obvious.
Financial management information to corporate financial officers will not only shift the focus of the work of a real "financial management", this work brings the benefits of other aspects. Them with financial management as the core, the logistics, capital flow into the system of unified management, finance and business, and a high degree of sharing of production data. Financial managers can purchase orders, procurement contracts, and other production tasks alone the whole of the logistics and tracking cash flow management, data acquisition system through the production of raw and auxiliary materials required for the injection to monitor the financial director can easily acquire the relevant departments progress and work performance. This will break the traditional limitations of departmental management, the integration of logistics flows, and thus more scientific in the allocation of resources within the whole plant; the same time, network technology and data sharing can be found to ensure the problem and dealt with promptly, and truly do to predict in advance and analysis of things in tracking and monitoring, evaluation and record afterwards. Compared with the manual, in a very short period of time, can be a large number of information and data analysis and processing is the methods and means of financial management Gengwei advanced, scientific and efficient.
In addition to direct economic benefits, operating on the indirect benefits, but also generated a lot of social benefits: for example, as a cigarette factory in Shifang, Deyang City, Shifang and even the economic pillar of the local government and the relevant functional departments of the cigarette factory are very concerned about production and management, financial They often need to be submitted to the Ministry of different caliber of financial data. The completion of project financial information will increase efficiency in this respect, for the cigarette factory in Shifang good reputation.
Looking back with the network, servers and other hardware investment, Shifang cigarette factory in the project's total investment is only 3.5 million yuan. As has been relatively standardized financial management, coupled with the efforts of the application, on-line the first time after the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in the rating, Shifang cigarette factory scores on the Computerized rejection received first hand accounts. And some enterprises with industry as early as 2096 began the implementation of computerization - and this is a "cost-effective," high application.
In order to more clearly determine the value of information systems, Shifang cigarette factory made a very detailed summary of the work. In fact, both for information or questions on the department's responsibility, cigarette factory in Shifang has a clear understanding. Change on every aspect of the analysis, information systems are not precisely reflect the kind of value?
Voice: Financial management is the implementation of a tobacco factory in Shifang K / 3 of the core content, they system is running only one year, cigarette factory in Shifang amount of funds used to reduce the total inventory of 2.8 billion, which is a remarkable achievement. However, we are more concerned about this result implies that any change at work. To this end, staff reporter interviewed Shifang cigarette factory is responsible for financial management of information technology, Vice Minister of Finance Xiang.

Application experience
Reporter: Financial information is the cigarette factory in Shifang implementation of the first management information system project, through the implementation of what you get experience?
Xiang Yu: There are two major experiences: 1, enterprise information does not lie in how much computer science experts, but rather should understand the characteristics of industry experts and understand the business enterprise with the management of participation - they want to design out of line with the actual situation of businesses, to the effective implementation of the process, this process done by computer experts out on the line; Second, the implementation process of information must have a holistic perspective, an information may be related to different manufacturers, different products , director of information technology companies how to plan, how to combine the characteristics of business, if different subsystems are all islands of information, not fully considered the feasibility of system operation, the enterprise's overall information technology is sure to fail.

Information to ensure the success of these two points must be done.
Reporter: Please talk about the implementation of financial management information difficult Where?
Xiang Yu: First, who led the direction of implementation of the system. Initially, I do not have experience, they (the manufacturers to implement the staff) how to say on how to do. Later I found some problems. Once I discovered the details of the implementation of a time not very suitable treatment, resulting in inventory systems associated with the procurement system can not smoothly. Since then, we will fully involved, I'm going to lead implementation of the directions.浠庡巶鍟嗘潵璇达紝浠栦滑鑷劧鎯冲緢蹇湴鎶婅蒋浠惰繍琛岃捣鏉ャ?鑰岀郴缁熶腑鍚勪釜妯″潡鐨勮鎺ュ拰瑙勫垝锛屼粬浠氨鑰冭檻寰椾笉閭d箞鍏ㄩ潰銆傚湪鍏蜂綋鐨勭粏鑺備笂锛屾妧鏈汉鍛樼浉褰撲笉閿欙紝浣嗗湪涓氬姟鎬讳綋鐨勬妸鎻′笂锛屾垜浠繀椤诲崰涓诲鍦颁綅銆?br />銆??绗簩鏄浣曟敼鍙樼郴缁熸秹鍙婁汉鍛樼殑瑙傚康銆備汉鎬绘槸鏈変簺鎯ф?鏀瑰彉鐨勩?鎴戜笉涓诲紶瀹炴柦浜哄憳鍘诲璁睮T绯荤粺"鑳藉鍑忓憳澧炴晥"锛屾垜璁や负"鍑忓憳澧炴晥"鏄竴绉嶅緢鐗囬潰鐨勮娉曪紝鑰屼笖杩欏湪杩欑鎯呭喌涓嬩細澧炲己鍒汉瀵圭郴缁熷疄鏂界殑鎶佃Е鎯呯华銆?br />聽聽聽 瀵逛簬浼佷笟鐨勪竴浜涢儴闂紝鍙兘涔熶細鎬?枒璐㈠姟閮ㄦ槸涓嶆槸浠ュ悗浼氱粰浠栦滑甯︽潵涓?簺鏉熺細銆傝鐭ラ亾锛屼笉绠¢儴闂ㄧ殑鎿嶄綔鏄惁瑙勮寖锛屼竴鑸儏鍐典笅浠栦滑鎬绘槸甯屾湜鏉熺細瓒婂皯瓒婂ソ銆傝繕鏈夎?鎬荤殑鏀寔绛夊洜绱狅紝閮芥槸褰卞搷瀹炴柦鐨勯噸瑕佸洜绱犮?

鐪侀挶鐨勮儗鍚?br />銆??璁拌?锛氶偅涔堬紝K/3绯荤粺瀹炴柦涔嬪悗锛屽鐩稿叧鐨勪釜浜恒?鍚勯儴闂ㄨ?瑷?紝浠栦滑闈复鐨勫彉鍖栦富瑕佸湪浠?箞鍦版柟锛?br />銆??浜庣繑锛氫互璐㈠姟浜哄憳涓轰緥銆傝储鍔$數绠楀寲鎻愰珮浜嗚璐︺?绠楄处鐨勯?搴﹀拰鏁堢巼锛屼娇浼佷笟璐㈠姟浜哄憳鑵惧嚭鏃堕棿鍜岀簿鍔涙潵鍙備笌璐㈠姟绠$悊鎴愪负鍙兘銆傛瘮鏂硅锛屽湪杩囧幓鐨勬墜宸ユā寮忎笅锛屽師濮嬫暟鎹鍙樻垚璐㈠姟鎶ヨ〃涓殑涓?儴鍒嗭紝闇?澶氫釜璐㈠姟浜哄憳鍙嶅璁$畻鍜屽鏍革紝宸ヤ綔閲嶅锛屾晥鐜囦笉楂樸?璐㈠姟浜哄憳骞虫椂蹇欎簬绠楄处銆佽繃璐︼紱鏈堝簳蹇欎簬姹囨?銆佸璐︺?涓轰簡鍙婃椂銆佸噯纭湴鎶ュ嚭璐㈠姟鎶ヨ〃锛岀粡甯哥壓鐗蹭紤鎭椂闂达紝鍔犵彮鍒版繁澶滀篃灞¤涓嶉矞锛屼负浜嗗嚑瑙掔敋鑷充竴鍒嗛挶鐨勪笉骞宠 闇?鑺变笂鏁板崄鍒嗛挓鍘绘煡鎵惧拰澶嶆牳銆備紶缁熺殑鎵嬪伐妯″紡浣胯储鍔′汉鍛樻病鏈夋椂闂村拰绮惧姏鍘绘?鑰冨拰瑙e喅鑷繁宸ヤ綔涓湁寰呰鑼冨拰鎻愰珮鐨勫湴鏂癸紝鏇存棤娉曡繘琛屽厛杩涚殑璐㈠姟绠$悊銆傝储鍔$數绠楀寲鐨勫缓鎴愬拰浣跨敤锛屾墦鐮翠簡鍒剁害浼佷笟璐㈠姟姘村钩鐨勮繖涓?摱棰堬紝灏嗚涧璐﹀悗鍒拌储鍔℃姤琛ㄦ姤鍑虹殑鏃堕棿鐢辫繃鍘荤殑浜旇嚦涓冨ぉ缂╃煭鍒颁竴鑷充袱澶╋紝骞剁渷鍘讳簡鐧昏鍑瘉鍜岀粨杞綑棰濈殑宸ヤ綔锛岃储鍔′汉鍛樹粠姝ゆ湁浜嗘椂闂村拰绮惧姏鍔犲己鐩戠銆傝櫧鐒舵病鏈夊噺鍛橈紝鍙繖涔熺畻鏄竴绉嶈妭绾﹀拰澧炴晥銆?br />銆??闅忕潃鎴戜滑宸ヤ綔鐨勬繁鍏ワ紝鍏跺畠鐨勯儴闂ㄤ篃鐪嬪埌鎴戜滑鍙槸瑕佸緱鍒颁竴浜涙暟鎹紝鑰屼笉鏄共娑変粬浠殑涓氬姟銆傛暣涓ぞ浼氱殑绠$悊鍙橀潻涔熷杩欎簺閮ㄩ棬鏈夊奖鍝嶃?鐢变簬涔犳儻浜嗘柊鐨勬搷浣滄柟寮忥紝杩樺皾鍒颁簡濂藉锛屼粬浠篃鏈変竴绉嶆姇璧勬姇瀵逛簡鎰熻銆傛湁涓?鎴戝浠栦滑寮?帺绗戣锛?amp;quot;璁$畻鏈鸿繖涔堥夯鐑︼紝涓嶈繃鏀瑰洖鍘诲緱浜嗐? "浠栦滑璇达細"閭f?涔堣锛?"
銆??璁拌?锛氬湪浠?偂鍗风儫鍘傜殑鎬荤粨璧勬枡涓彁鍒帮細"閫氳繃浣跨敤K/3绯荤粺锛屼骇鐢熷緢澶ф晥鐩婏紝濡?001骞村叏闈㈢疮绉簱瀛樿祫閲戝崰鐢ㄥ噺灏戜簡2.8涓嚎锛岄噰璐祫閲戝埄鎭妭绾︿簡1700澶氫竾銆?amp;quot;杩?涓嚎鍜?00涓囨槸鎬庢牱绠楀嚭鏉ョ殑锛屽師鏈夌殑绯荤粺锛堢鐞嗘ā寮忥級涓轰粈涔堜笉鑳借幏寰楄繖鏍风殑鏁堢泭锛屾垜闈炲父濂藉銆傝鎮ㄥ叿浣撹皥涓?皥銆?br />銆??浜庣繑锛氫粈閭″嵎鐑熷巶搴撳瓨瑙勬ā寰堝ぇ锛岃繖涓暟鎹槸浠ュ疄鏂藉墠鐨?000骞村簱瀛樿祫閲戝崰鐢ㄨ妯¤揪鍒?.2浜垮厓锛岀數绠楀寲鍚庡帇鍒?.3浜匡紝绱鑺傜渷2.8浜垮厓锛岃繖涓暟瀛楁寜褰撴椂閾惰骞冲潎璐锋鍒╃巼5.115鈥拌绠楃殑锛屽氨鍙畻鍑轰竴骞磋妭绾﹁祫閲?700涓囧厓銆?br />銆??浠ュ墠鐨勮储浼氱柌浜庤璐︼紝鏍规湰娌℃湁绮惧姏鏉ュ仛 "绠$悊"锛岃繖绠$悊杩欎竴鏂归潰鐨勬墽琛屾按骞冲彲鎯宠?鐭?-绗竴锛屾垜浠互鍓嶆病鏈夋椂闂存潵瑙傚療搴撳瓨鍒板簳鍚堜笉鍚堢悊锛涚浜屻?娌℃湁鍔炴硶鏉ヨ瘎浠烽噰璐笂鏉ョ殑鐗╄祫浠锋牸鏄笉鏄拰甯傚満浠蜂竴鑷淬?
銆??瀹炴柦鍚庯紝浠庣郴缁熷緱鍒扮殑鏁版嵁鍙互浣挎垜浠兘澶熷垎鏋愰噰璐涓恒?鑰屼笖涓婁簡绯荤粺涔嬪悗锛屾垜浠氨闅忔椂鑳界湅鍒板簱瀛橈紝瀵瑰簲鐨勭鐞嗕汉鍛樻湁绮惧姏鍘诲垎鏋愬簱瀛樼殑鍚堢悊鎬с?浠栦滑鏈夎兘鍔涖?鏈夋椂闂存潵鍔犲己绠$悊锛屽涓嬮潰杞﹂棿鐨勫伐浣溿?鐢ㄦ枡鏈変簡鎰熸?鐨勮璇嗐?鍙﹀锛屾垜浠繕瀵瑰ぇ瀹楃墿璧勯噰璐噰鐢ㄦ嫑鎶曟爣鏂瑰紡锛岃繖鏍峰崰鐢ㄨ祫閲戝氨鍑忎笅鍘讳簡銆?br />銆??浠讳綍涓?釜浼佷笟鍦ㄨ储鍔′俊鎭寲涔嬪悗锛岄兘鑳借妭绾﹀簱瀛橈紝鍏跺師鐞嗕笉鏄杞欢鏈韩鑳藉鍒涢?璐㈠瘜锛岃?鏄储鍔$鐞嗚?閫氳繃杞欢鑳藉強鏃惰幏寰椾俊鎭紝鍋氬嚭姣斾互鍓嶆洿鍔犲噯纭拰楂樻晥鐨勭鐞嗗弽鏄犮?璐㈠姟绠$悊鐨勬牳蹇冨氨鏄?amp;quot;鎺у埗"銆傚鏋滆兘鍦ㄤ簨鍓嶈繘琛屾帶鍒躲?绠$悊鏇寸簿缁嗭紝浼佷笟灏变竴瀹氳兘鑾峰緱鏁堢泭銆?br />銆??璁拌?锛氱鐞嗕晶閲嶇殑杞Щ锛岀粰璐㈠姟绠$悊姘村钩甯︽潵浜嗘彁鍗囥?鍙粠杩欎釜瑙掑害锛孖T鐨勪环鍊煎湪浠?箞鍦版柟锛熸垜鐨勬剰鎬濇槸锛屽鏋滆IT绯荤粺浠よ妭鐪佷笅鏉ョ殑浜哄姏鍘?amp;quot;鍔犲己鐩戠"锛屽苟鑾峰緱鏁堢泭鐨勮瘽锛岄偅涔堜紒涓氭槸涓嶆槸鍙兘閫氳繃绠?崟鍦板鍔犱汉鎵嬫潵鑾峰緱鍚屾牱鐨勬敹鐩婏紵
銆??浜庣繑锛氫互鍓嶄篃鏈変汉闂繃杩欑闂銆傝繖涓棶棰樹綘瑕佽繖涔堢湅銆傚彧澧炲姞浜鸿?涓嶆敼鍙樼鐞嗙殑鏂瑰紡锛屼笉鏄竴涓瀛︾殑鎬濊矾銆傝タ鏂圭鐞嗘?鎯宠涓猴紝绠$悊涓緢閲嶈鐨勫氨鏄綘閫夋嫨浠?箞鏍风殑宸ュ叿銆傚崄涓汉鍋氫竴浠朵簨锛屽拰涓?釜浜哄姞涓?彴璁$畻鏈哄仛鍚屾牱涓?欢浜嬪湪绠$悊涓婃潵鐪嬪氨鏄袱涓蹇碉紝鍖哄埆鍦ㄤ簬锛氫紒涓氬舰璞′笉鍚岋紱浜轰笌浜洪厤鍚堣繙娌℃湁浜轰笌鏈哄櫒閰嶅悎閭d箞瑙勫緥銆?br />銆??鍏跺疄锛屽氨鏄崟绾粠璐㈠姟鎴愭湰瑙掑害鏉ョ湅锛屼紒涓氭姇鍏ョ殑IT绯荤粺銆佹満鍣ㄧ殑鎴愭湰鍙互閫氳繃鏈哄櫒鎶樻棫閫愭鏀跺洖鏉ワ紝浣嗗鍔犱竴涓汉灏辨槸澧炲姞鍑?敮鍑猴紝杩欐槸寰堥毦鍑忓皯鐨勩?鑰屼笖杩樿鑰冭檻绂忓埄銆備汉鍔涙垚鏈湪鎴戝浗鐪嬭捣鏉ヨ繕涓嶅儚鍥藉閭d箞楂橈紝浣嗗湪澧為暱涓?鎵?互鍗充娇浠庤繖涓搴︿篃
銆??鍗拌薄杈冩繁鐨勪簨锛岄鍏堝氨鏄?浼氳甯堝鎴戜滑鎵?仛鐨勪俊鎭寲宸ヤ綔鐨勬敮鎸侊紝浠栧簲鎴戜滑鐨勮姹傚仛鍑哄ぇ閲忕殑鍗忚皟宸ヤ綔锛屽苟涓斿湪鍏蜂綋鎶?湳鏍囧噯鍜屽疄鐜版柟寮忎笂鏀炬墜璁╂垜浠幓鍋氾紝鍦ㄤ换浣曟椂鍊欓兘淇′换鍜屾敮鎸佹垜浠? .鍙﹀锛屾垜浠礋璐e疄鏂界殑鍑犱釜鍚屽織鍦ㄩ偅涓?鏃堕棿閲岄兘闈炲父鏁笟銆備笉浠呭洜宸ヤ綔閲忓緢澶у父甯歌鍔犵彮鍒版繁澶滐紝涔熻В鍐充簡涓?簺闅句互鍏嬫湇鐨勫洶闅俱?鏈変竴浣嶅悓蹇椾负浜嗗畬鎴愬伐绋嬪缓璁撅紝杩炲瀛愮敓灏忓閮芥棤娉曠収椤俱?褰撶劧锛岃繖涓?缁忓巻涔熶娇杩欎竴鎵逛汉寰楀埌寰堝ソ鐨勭厖缁冦?闅忕潃浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栫殑绋嬪害鍔犳繁锛屼粬浠腑涔熸湁涓嶅皯璧板悜浜嗙鐞嗗矖浣嶃?


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