Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "Page Setup" Come Right menu

We usually use Word 2000/2002 edit, print, lesson plans or papers, we often use the "Page Setup" command. The most common methods of operation are: implementation of the "File 鈫?Page Setup" menu command. In fact, we can be, "Page Setup" into the Word context menu, so the operation can give us great convenience.

First, open the Word 2000/2002, the implementation of the "Tools 鈫?Customize" menu command, in the pop-up "Customize" dialog box, click the "Toolbar" tab, under which the drop-down list box, select " shortcut menu "option. At this point, the screen will be a "shortcut menu" toolbar, then click the "Order" tab, in the "Category" drop-down list box, select "File" item, click "order" drop-down list box The "Page Setup", the use of the left mouse button to "Page Setup" option drag to "shortcut menu" toolbar [text] button. At this time, there will be "writing" drop-down menu, and continue to drag the "Page Setup" to "Text" sub menu "Font" command on the Fanghou Song open the left mouse button, and then click "Customize" dialog box [Close] button to exit the setup.



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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

E-mail scrubbing brush

The higher the big man, the shadow will be longer. On the Internet, the more Internet users often use the services, the more side effects.

E-mail is the most common users of the Internet business, it brings more problems.

Spam, only one of these side effects,

But it is already a lot of people awake at night, cleaning-mail as one of many people.

The anti-spam has started to form a huge industrial chain.

End of the year 1971, the father of David H. Crocker e-mail sent some of his information, which constitute the world's first e-mail. 30 years later, when he came to Beijing room 263 Internet companies, he was shocked, because he did not think his actions that inadvertently have been billions of people are now copying. Today, e-mail has become the Internet often use one of the three operations.

Washed away the worries

Every day, more than 70% of people turn on the computer the first thing to do is look at their e-mail. But what David would have thought that many people are troubled by his invention and depressed.

People find some strange mail unsolicited. After the initial surprise, people began to refuse these headaches can not be removed, in a word, people complaining about their mail more and more "dirty."

IT company in a marketing department, Mr. Zhang served every day by a company from abroad spam, hope he can buy the company's adult items. E-mail also selling insurance to invite you to join a private club. Zhang was very curious how they get their e-mail address. Several months, Mr. Zhang's mailbox has accumulated more than 100 pieces of spam. The worst thing is that once an important message to Mr Cheung misuse as spam deleted. Since then, Mr. Zhang is Henrugusui spam.

He found a friend in the Internet Society to talk their troubles. But a friend told him that now there is no way to inhibit spam. Zhang laments that no one can spam rule it? Who in the bulk manufacture of spam?

NPC deputy Li Linkai announced to the public through the news media of personal mail, he hoped "to open mailbox satisfied public opinion." However, a few days, the first open to the public of the National People's Congress-mail is in trouble - will receive more than 20 daily commercial spam and virus e-mail. Had the same trouble that many people were experiencing.

Related survey, in recent years, China's spam on the rise. Now users receive e-mail spam is filtered through the message carrier slip through the net, but because of the way the diversity of spammers, the number of very large e-mail operators, who can only filter out 50% of them the remaining spam is flowing into the end-user's mailbox.

Our users now average 9.8 per week, send an e-mail, receive regular e-mail 12.6, 19.3 junk e-mail. Accounts received spam mail received 60.5% of the total, is the spammer's technology updates and other causes of the substantial increase in the proportion of spam.

Sources of the world's spam

How many messages can be washed off

The growing threat of spam

Gartner's report, spam makes U.S. companies lost at least 10 billion U.S. dollars annually. The report also pointed out that the International Telecommunication Union: From 2002 to 2004, all e-mail in spam share rose from 25% to 50%. In addition to harassment, spam, Internet users, the company brought back a huge loss. UNCTAD data cited Message Labs said spam to the global business losses caused as much as 20.5 billion.

My company has a mail server in general are spam, some enterprises have to deal with junk mail every year invested hundreds of million of equipment and a lot of manpower, the proliferation of spam has led to serious consequences.

"Spam's governance has clearly transcended national boundaries. Had accused us of spam has been the birthplace of many foreign companies do not say this, because through our research found that the real sender of spam is these foreign companies . "263 Network Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Health runner-up in the clean-up day on junk e-mail says. Now, the United States is the largest exporter of spam. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released e-commerce and Development Report 2003 noted that the United States is the world's biggest spammers, junk e-mail users around the world receive more than half from the United States.

As the first person to participate in spam activities, health runner-up that, in terms of political, legal and economic point of view, anti-spam in general has a different meaning. China has become a spam-ridden areas, even in the user receiving the email message, the number of spam messages has been accounted for 60.8% of the total, while at the same time, the mail system has also become an invasion of the international community can not be ignored problem.

Currently filtered through the 263 anti-system, the user received the spam ratio of 17.86%. The amount of spam users receive increases, but the processing time for spam has declined, this is because the users look at the proportion of spam content causes the decline, the user now identify spam and improve their ability a lot of spam is not to be deleted without the user opens, and saves processing time for spam. But this does not mean that we can anti-spam guard.

Ten stain-mail

263 Anti-System Architecture

Compared through Outlook Express, Webmail and other standards issued by e-mail client, we can find ten important characteristics of spam:

鈼?there is no X-Mailer headers, or use a special X-Mailer Letterhead

We can see that Outlook Email sent indicating the letter sent inside the first section of the client: X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook IMO, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2910.0);

The junk mail or not, or have features of a letterhead, for example: X-Mailer: EhooSend ...


More polite spam, will be with more courtesy, such as:

鈼?Please readily removed;

Sorry Excuse me;

Disturb ... ... forgive me ... ....

鈼?forged sender

Inside the Mail From SMTP command and the message body From the inside inconsistent;

From the email is not real in the email.

鈼?Dynamic IP via ADSL, etc. Send

External users with dynamic IP to connect directly to MX servers, and SMTP services not provided locally (can not telnet 25 port), IP can not reverse interpretation.

鈼?Send tool signature

Some shared bulk tool will send a letter inside each have their own signature.

鈼?do not use the standard MIME format

E-mail format is not standard, but can also be compatible with Outlook Express.

鈼?send more than the current time

Some spam e-mail client in order to maintain a rank in the first place, will send the time to force changes to a lead time, such as January 1, 2005.

鈼?After a lot of servers forwarding

In the letter head has more than 3 Recived:

鈼?body content of the letter with a special HTML tag

In order to embed more content and script, spam often use some general messages will not use the HTML tag, such as iframe, frameset, object, etc..

鈼?letter with unsubscribe or not to accept the description of such messages.

Prevent Nishajuxia

263 President Lu Bing frankly anti-spam is a systematic, require the efforts of all aspects of society.

He told reporters that 263 anti-spam resources in each of the input more than 10 million yuan. Also in 2004 to undertake a national 863 program only anti-spam project on "multi-feature intelligent anti-spam systems and standards for Research and Implementation", the project has also passed the national acceptance.

35 Internet Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Gong Shaohui considered to be three-pronged anti-spam work together: one is the use of technical means operators to filter spam and viruses, through the appropriate clause will mail the customer behavior. The other associations advocating self-discipline, to strengthen international cooperation to clean up the market; In addition, laws and regulations through the introduction of controls for malpractice. Ministry of Information Industry of the "way" is the perfect anti-spam laws and regulations of the flag, so that the users be able to lodge complaints, on the management of spam has no intention of great significance.

As e-mail huge profits, particularly in business mail market, the re-emergence of charges, many manufacturers began to focus on business mail market, it would be to carve slice of the pie. However, service providers, e-mail is not an easy business to eat fat mouth. In the e-mail has become an indispensable tool for business contact and communication era, such as spam, e-mail leaks and other issues have become an obstacle to further commercial e-mail problem.

To do this, 263 are actively promoting the development of related standards, and would like to introduce relevant laws and regulations relevant state departments, as paving the way for the healthy development of e-mail.

February 20 this year, long-brewing to the "Internet E-mail Services" to Ministry of Information Industry Order No. 38 published in the form and will be implemented on March 30. Entitled "The People's Republic of China Telecommunications Regulations," and "Internet Information Services" as the basis to formulate the final bill in a more standardized model to the management of e-mail put on the Desktop.

"Internet e-mail service management approach" not only makes the status of e-mail communications secret up to a high degree of law, while access to e-mail service provider defines the qualifications: the ability of anti-spam, e-mail system on the development of technical standards capacity, as well as mail security management approach has become part of most concern.

Government Related Acts, to some extent a matter of fact means that the threshold increase access e-mail service, mail service operations related to the issuance of the license will become a large service providers will be most concerned about the topic.

Experts speculate: 263 has just passed the 863 anti-spam research projects acceptance, as the only message involved in the project operator, the company is likely to be the first to get corporate mail service operation license.

Threshold will increase a lot like gold in the e-mail market, companies get in the door. However, one purpose, to block e-mail generated by the source, to prevent e-mail Nishajuxia, pollution users mailbox.

Cleaning Formula

E-mail gateway technology works:

Provide a variety of ways of spam filtering, mail server as spam to avoid the transfer station. Spam filtering: 4 layers of spam protection.

The first layer: Network layer IP blocking and dynamic blacklist

In the network layer, the message gateway can be set to mask any of the IP, a network segment; also can shield any of the sender, a domain. Dynamic blacklist by the black hole technology, real-time access to anti-spam list.

Second layer: SMTP protocol conversation format checking, DNS reverse resolution

The third layer: Dynamic White List

Accumulated to a certain number, the system automatically add the sender to join the white list.

Fourth layer: content filtering based on Bayes Algorithm

Through the built-in Bayesian (Bayes) library into the mail system on each message in the head and body analysis, obtained threshold, threshold lower than 5, compared with the normal e-mail; if more than 5 e-mail gateway judged to be spam, will increase the SPAM *** in the subject words; if the threshold more than 7, the system will automatically go home spam; threshold than 9, the system will be automatically deleted.

The subject marked with SPAM mail client software, users can set the filtering rules or webmail dump a folder, regular inspection, deleted after confirmation.

(1) security design.

E-mail system kernel using qmail, qmail sendmail is to address security issues designed. Qmail core of five processes, each running their own non-root privileges, even if one of the destruction process, the process still does not affect other services. In addition the system completely separate account and e-mail account, mail account to the database is stored, to a certain extent, to eliminate the possibility of internal attack.

(2) mail design.

Letter certified mail system supports (smtp-auth), blacklist and system-level spam filtering. Users can always access from the domestic and international anti-spam blacklist list file organizations, into the mail system. So that e-mail administrators from passive to active. E-mail system to support fuzzy matching blacklist feature, you can shield a field such as @ usa.com, can only shield a user domain, such as spam@usa.com.

Super anti-spam system works

Cleaning standards

Junk mail (SPAM), also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email, unauthorized commercial e-mail) or UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email, a large number of unauthorized e-mail). Internet Society of China to the spam gives a formal definition, as long as they meet one of the following four can be called spam e-mail:

(1) the recipient had failed to request or agree to receive ads, electronic publications, promotional materials such as various forms of promotional e-mail.

(2) the recipient can not reject the e-mail.

(3) hide the sender identity, address, title and other information e-mail.

(4) containing false source of information, the sender, routing information such as e-mail.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In-depth analysis of ASP.NET 2.0 buffer system (2)

SqlDataSource control but also to EnableCaching property set to true, this would automatically buffered by SqlDataSource SelectCommand retrieves data. This property allows you to specify CacheDuration (in seconds) to refresh the data from the database should be buffered before long. By default, SqlDataSource will use an absolute expiration policy to cache data; This means that data every property in the specified number of seconds CacheDuration refresh.

You can also selectively configure the SqlDataSource to use a "sliding" expiration policy. Through this strategy, as long as the data continue to be accessed, it will not be deleted. When you have a large number of items need to be buffered, use sliding expiration policy is very useful because the strategy enables you to keep in memory only to be the most frequently accessed items. In the above example, by, respectively, and CacheDuration EnableCaching property set to True, and 10, your SQL query result buffer time period of 10 seconds.

Third, the SqlDataSource control in the SQL cache invalid

So far, you have to see how the SqlDataSource control based on the CacheDuration property values set the duration of the cache is invalid. In this section, I will explain the basis for SQL Server data in the table to implement a caching mechanism for the step is invalid. This caching mechanism is ineffective, a new ASP.NET 2.0 features, then a buffer page or a data source control can be bound to a SQL Server database in a particular table. Once you realize the relevance of this initialization operation, then change the table of contents will lead to a buffer object automatically invalid.

銆怰ecommendations multiple pages when you need to use the same database data, you should consider using the SQL data source control mechanism for caching invalid.

In fact, based on SQL Server's cache is invalid mechanism applies to SQL Server 7.0 and above; However, SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 only supports table-level caching mechanism is invalid. This means that any timetable for when the data changes, the buffer entry is automatically invalid. SQL Server 2005 also provides a mechanism for line-level cache is invalid, it can be a more detailed level of control buffer up data.

In SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000, the table-level cache is invalid is by using a query system (a particular ASP.NET processes) support. The process queries the database every time a specific ("pull" model) to monitor what has been checked since the last time the table changes. Although this model can pull the case for most, but it is not a very effective method. Fortunately, this situation in SQL Server 2005, has been greatly enhanced - at any time to modify a particular data line, in fact, by the SQL Server is responsible for notification (push model) ASP.NET. SQL Server 2005 by using a service called informed the author (Notification Delivery Services, which uses port 80) is characterized by realization of this function, the service can directly interact with IIS6.0 the HTTP.SYS to inform the Web server updates a particular row . Next, I will explain how the SQL Server 7 and 2000 versions of configuration buffer.

You can use SQL Server 7 or SQL Server 2000 build cache dependency, you need to complete the following steps:

鈼?Configure SQL Server to support SQL cache is invalid. It only takes a one-time set up you want to monitor the SQL Server database table or database can be.

鈼?the necessary configuration information to the web.config file.

Next, let us analyze in detail the steps above. First, we look at the SQL Server configuration issue.

Fourth, configure SQL Server to support SQL cache invalid

You can be achieved in the following two SQL Server 2000 configured to support SQL cache is invalid:

1. Using aspnet_regsql tools;

2. Use SqlCacheDependencyAdmin class EnableTableForNotifications method.

In this paper, we consider only the first method. Above aspnet_regsql tool for creating another table AspNet_SqlCacheTablesForChangeNotification, used to track changes in the database table of all the changes being monitored; it also creates a set of triggers and stored procedures to support this capacity. In order to run aspnet_regsql tool, simply open the Visual Studio command prompt, then enter a command similar to the following:

D:> aspnet_regsql-S localhost-U sa-P thiru-d Pubs-ed

Operating normally, it should show the following:

Enabling the database for SQL cache dependency.



The command to Pubs database support SQL cache invalid function. Of which:

鈼?S-server name

鈼?U-used to connect to the SQL Server user ID

鈼?P-used to connect to SQL Server's user password

鈼?d-database name

鈼?ed-support database caching with SQL Server trigger invalid function

Once in the database to complete the above action level, then you need to start at a single table-level caching invalid function. Please refer to the specific realization of the following commands:

D:> aspnet_regsql-S localhost-U sa-P thiru-t authors-d Pubs-et

Operating normally, it should show the following:

Enabling the table for SQL cache dependency.



In the above command:

鈼?t-designated name of the table

鈼?et-support for the SQL Server table has a trigger function of the cache is invalid

The above command shows how the authors table in the Pubs database, start SQL cache invalid support. Once you have configured to send notification authors table, then any time the data in the table changes, it will notify the ASP.NET so that in the corresponding cache entry is invalid.


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