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Zhu Wenhui: Deep popularity

Fu, the letter also!

The world's top five manufacturers of alkaline batteries in Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanfu Battery") familiar with "deeply disappointing," meaning, Wen-Hui Zhu is a member of them.

Filed Nanping, many may be familiar with the ALICE, Nanping is a rare scenic spots in southeastern China, where the "World Natural and Cultural Heritage" one of the Wuyi Mountain. Guo modern poets recite Nanping as "Green Mountain Wai directions, the water around the two Jiang Qing." Nanfu battery is located right in this beautiful city, Zhu Wenhui childhood growing up in Nanping of Fujian mountain has a unique simple and humble people, leisure time to do the most to the suburbs is fishing and photography.

From 1990 to work so far, Zhu Wenhui accompanied Nanfu battery from a battery factory near bankruptcy of the backward growth of the world's top five small alkaline battery manufacturers, sales for 18 consecutive years, first in the country's major enterprises. And he himself from an equipment section of the technician to general manager Nanfu Battery Information Center. Practitioners 20 set, silent little language Zhu Wenhui silently for information technology Nanfu battery with its own contribution to the power of. Under his leadership, Nanfu battery IT department wishes of the public, the successful use of information technology to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

Dedicated 20 set

40-year-old Italian football legend Paolo Maldini announced in February this year, retire at the end of the season after he had been in effect nearly 20 years, AC Milan, AC Milan became the longest history, the effectiveness of the players. Similarly, 40-year-old Zhu Wenhui, in Nanfu battery has also been working for nearly 20 years, "I was born in this land, I love my job." Zhu Wenhui has been at about the time Nanfu battery that to.

In 1990 from Fujian Normal University physics graduate Zhu Wenhui, was assigned to the State Department of Nanfu battery equipment, responsible for the management of electrical appliances. At that time the battery just to the South End Mobil restructuring, the state-owned electric plant into joint venture in Nanping Nanfu Battery. "The reason foreign participation, the information Nanfu battery construction began in 1990." Zhu Wenhui, said: "But did not separate out the information department, but anchored in the equipment section. Because there is no information technology do , so transferred from the equipment section. I Jiaoshu hardware, so we started Nanfu battery information work. "

From 1991 to 2002, is the rapid development of Nanfu battery decade. In 1991, sales of Nanfu battery still only 17.5 million yuan, in 2002 reached 717.51 million yuan, an increase of just a decade or 41 times. The rapid development of enterprise level information required more and more, so, in 2002, Nanfu Battery information center set up to begin construction business ERP systems, Zhu Wenhui as a director. "In fact, not until the concept of ERP, we do produce the operation and maintenance, enterprise OA, covers the management of production equipment."

Since 2002, under the leadership of the Zhu Wenhui, Nanfu battery level information technology consistently ranks first in the industry. Not only business process integration with all departments, but also in promoting information technology projects, while implementing Six Sigma projects. Through the implementation of these advanced information technology project, Zhu Wenhui said: "The process of building enterprise information management level also improved to improve the process."

Information first started

A joint venture Nanfu battery, revenue is the largest foreign investment requirements for the management of the high. This also allows Zhu Wenhui to work after just a taste of the foreign management ideas to the importance for enterprise development, so he understands the importance of enterprise information management. "Overseas the management will Nanfu battery and compare their business, put forward a variety of standard management requirements. To all the business activities of enterprises to do some advance planning things in control, after the analysis, assessment and future forecasts, the economic behavior of enterprises to process and standard, so as to achieve effective management of the whole process. "Zhu Wenhui said. It is also in this environment, Zhu Wenhui reborn, became the vanguard of the construction of enterprise information.

In fact, the then management Nanfu battery status and the requirements there are still some gaps, mainly in supply chain management and manufacturing aspects. In the supply chain management, management of confusion on the dealer, not even a relatively complete customer file. More trouble is, inventory and plant, marketing and other aspects out of line; in production, the main problem is divorced from production and planning, material change and receive materials separated. So the level of information as an important means to improve management were pronounced. In 2002, Nanfu signed U821 contract with UF to begin the integration of financial supply chain, and in December 2005 to upgrade to the U861, the implementation of manufacturing systems. "The most direct effect is different every year for the company audit and assessment of our overall processes and inventory data are very accurate, especially in the field distribution of capital flow and logistics dealer." Zhu Wenhui On the effect of information said.

In addition, the battery has been Nanfu Sigma management methods will be used in product quality control and production management. "Since 2002, our manufacturing processes, in the introduction of the 3 Sigma management methods, but our goal is Six Sigma methods, because the precision of three-sigma or some difference." Zhuwenhuiyue. For the importance of production management is also unique because Nanfu battery location decisions. "Nanfu battery located in the mountains, large reserves of raw materials is the cell to adapt to market changes Nanfu key link. For a long time, Nanfu battery inventory management, and to obtain control of raw materials strictly formula change does not reflect the collar material and procurement, inconsistent with the actual production and planned workshops and other problems are common problems, it is imperative that the introduction of advanced production management. "Zhu Wenhui, said.

"Enterprise management for the times"

In Zhu Wenhui seems to always grasp the advanced enterprise management thinking. "Advanced management thought is all the business activities of enterprises to do some advance planning things in control, after analysis, assessment and future forecast, is the economic behavior of business processes, standardization, Conger to achieve effective management of the whole process. "Zhu Wenhui said. The Nanfu battery leadership and IT departments, it is also an idea in this guidance, led Nanfu battery rapid development of information construction.

In talking about the battery information for the construction of the South-fu's contribution, the shy modesty and Zhu Wenhui, said: "Oh, I think, now, our information technology still in its early stage." Then he Also stressed the need for the information construction of the importance of data management. "I personally believe that information or focus on information-gathering process. To collect valuable data on the company and reports, can play a valuable management tips."

End of the interview, Zhu Wenhui on the ERP system to tell their own understanding: "If an ERP system as an assembly line than the words, corporate sales, production, logistics and financial management is the line on every link. A production pipeline running to follow the process flow set, it can not be arbitrarily changed the direction of or being short circuit. In other words, it has certain mandatory. whether the Quality Management System or other business rules and regulations, In the course of its operation will gradually over time distortion. "

CIO excellent candidates in mind: to fully understand the rational application of information technology is to enhance corporate complex competition and the only effective management tool for managers.

Their evaluation: positive, safe and scientifically advance the pace of enterprise information applications.

Major achievements: setting up enterprise IT team, the effective implementation of enterprise information applications (ERP, SPC, etc.), giving them a stable and healthy environment for IT application, Fujian Province in 2006 as the first good CIO.

Career sentiment: the development of demand is the primary driving force.

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