Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Win 7 random and changed anti-piracy measures become soft black

October 1, 2009, Windows 7 official version has been officially on sale in China, 14 October Microsoft released 13 security bulletins, patch single-day record number of new records, some of the security bulletins affect Windows 7 . Fixed 34 security flaws, and most of the dangerous security flaw as "critical", the affected products, including IE, Media Player, Outlook, Silverlight, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and has not yet officially released Windows 7.

But for the majority of Microsoft users, or "non" Microsoft users, black and anti-piracy strategy may be far more concerned about sending the patch. According to Microsoft, excellent Amazon, New Egg Network and the 8848 web site also launched the Windows 7 retail full packaged product online pre-sale activities. The move let the pirates and hackers have become very active, a piracy and anti-piracy contest entered its peak phase. The results showed that pirated operating system, Windows 7, the percentage has more than 1 / 3, such as e-commerce site Taobao pirated Windows 7 is more than half.

"Windows 7 activation technology is to be built in the operating system, you can update the same as anti-virus software, so can the emerging market, piracy measures and random change." According to Wei Qing (Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. Consumer and Online Marketing General Manager) of the introduction, Windows 7 and XP activation technology upgrade patch by adding the times of activation is completely different, Windows 7 activation technology like a cell, will always exist in Windows 7. This also means that when a model becomes widespread piracy cheat when this technology can identify them, so piracy more difficult.

According to Wei Qing's description, in fact, a lot of black become tender. "For instance, Windows 7 will be prompted to the user, if you do not activate after 30 days you can not continue to use the computer, the whole process was very human, and prompt process, the system will tell the user if it is genuine, then you can activate."

"Piracy of computer users have some sort of loophole, consumers do not know very likely the case in a 'chicken'." This is why Microsoft is to "repeatedly" in the system to remind consumers of the reason for piracy.

From the depth of cooperation with domestic PC giants in notebook computers pre-installed genuine operating system to market in 2006 after the price-cutting strategy of Vista, to use legal means against the tomato garden, XP, black screen warning, until now Windows 7 activation of the anti-piracy technology Microsoft's anti-piracy tactic more and more organization of writing.

To enable more users to lower the price of genuine operating systems listed in Windows 7 after the price of 399 yuan Home Basic, Premium Edition 699 yuan. Than Vista's drop by 20%, is by far the world's lowest.

Microsoft anti-piracy notice as follows:

If you are pirated users:

Windows 7 installed the first three days, there is no reminder;

In the first 4 days to 26 days once daily reminder;

In the first 27 days to 29 days once every 4 hours to remind;

In the first 30 days, to remind one hour;

After 30 days, did not activate the user's desktop background will become pure black, the user changes the desktop background every 60 minutes and then switch back to pure black, while the lower right corner appears a permanent reminder computer.

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